Hey Poland !! - Polar says you're fast - the5krunner

Polar have employed someone to start creating Infographics. Not a bad thing. We all love a good picture sometimes if we are too lazy to read. I'm not sure of the data below. I'm definately a faster runner than the only Polish person in my tri club. Sample size of 1...must be true. We all seem to do our steady state training in Zone 3...hmmm.

Halfords Share Price Falls - Lesson to Be Learnt - the5krunner

Most of us reading blogs like this are perhaps not so interested in Halfords - the high street vendor of bits for cars, owners of autocentres and seller of bikes for all. However, Halfords is somewhat of a partial Bellweather for the UK bike industry. So its tumble this week has made many sit up and take note. At one point there was a 15% slide in the share price that came on the back of a profits warning. [ 402 more words ]

STRYD - Updated Android Mobile app - the5krunner

There are 3 new aspects to the new Android app. Handily the STRYD app arrived on the same day as my new Android phone. These new features use data derived from your workout history. Insights First up are Insights into today's training or your recent training. It's a relatively self-explanatory sentence that appears on the app's home screen Power Zone Calculator… [ 205 more words ]

4iiii - up to 25% off selected models (EU & USA) - the5krunner

Big Stocks & Big Sales PowerMeterCity have stocked up for a massive sale on popular 4iiii crank arms. So this is a genuine 25% off sale with a great chance to bag a year-best deal. Unusually high discounts for the early season. In the UK CyclePowerMeters offer 10% off 4iiii with the code the5krunner10. The cranks in question are stacked with the 4iiii Precision on the Shimano 105 5800, Shimano Ultegra 6800 and Shimano 9000 arms. [ 237 more words ]

Suunto Spartan 2 (firmware and a tease) - the5krunner

Suunto are teasing the above image on Instagram and on Twitter.The image above is better enhanced than those you will likely see on the Suunto feeds so I won't link to them. The strap detail is like the SPARTAN SPORT BARO...and only the BARO ...NOT the ULTRA and not the other SPORT variants. The buttons and bezel look the same as several existing variants. [ 173 more words ]

IQ2 Bike Power Meter - Massively Exceeds Funding Target - the5krunner

The IQ2 Power Meter Kickstarter campaign had to hit is £87,464 goal by 24 May 2018 and, at the time of writing, has 3,216 backers amounting to a whopping £722,168. The goal for shipping is 1st October 2018. What's the big deal? There are lots of 'ifs' around this one but if a reasonably accurate power meter can ship in the £100-$150 range then it would increase the excitement at the lower end of the market. [ 512 more words ]

Assioma STOCK, Vector 3s STOCK - all stocked up and raring to go - the5krunner

Finally! After shortages of Vector/ASSIOMAs across the market, PowerMeterCity is all stocked up and raring to go with the Favero ASSIOMA DUO and UNO models. You can get them NOW, from stock. That would be my personal power meter pedal of choice. (link to: the5krunner.com) There is limited stock of the rather pretty Garmin Vector 3s and stock of the dual-sided Vector 3 is still on back order. [ 157 more words ]

Aeropod - Velcomp Aeropod AVAILABLE for Pre-Order - the5krunner

The Velocomp AEROPOD is now available for pre-order. It's coming in July so if you order one of the earlier ones you might just be able to perform some fine-tuning on your aero position ahead of a summer TT. The Aeropod IS a powermeter in its own right; just like its predecessor the Velocomp Powerpod (review ed here) However if you already have a direct force powermeter then one of these is just about, for now, the only way that you can measure your CdA… [ 203 more words ]

TomTom Sale up to 60% off 48 hours - the5krunner

I have a few great deals to post over the next few days some from my partners and some that I just found. Like this one directly from TomTom. There is more information below. This SHOULD click-through to the local sale in your own country in your local currency even though the prices are shown in GBP. Please let me know if not. [ 182 more words ]

Wahoo Elemnt £50/$80 Off - the5krunner

There is a great early-season cashback deal directly from Wahoo on the ELEMNT*. There is £50 cashback in the UK and $80 cashback in the USA. Terms and Conditions apply: Purchases between 15th May to 15th June 2018 and the cashback is provided by Wahoo Fitness. Claim USA cashback: here (link to: wahoo-promotions.com) Claim UK cashback: here (link to wahoo-promotions.com) [ 34 more words ]

Jabra Elite Sport - First Runs & General Commentary - Not a review - the5krunner

I've been using the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds for several weeks now, mostly in conjunction with the Amazfit STRATOS triathlon watch but also alongside Jabra's android app which is packed full of Firstbeat cleverness. Background In recent years I've tended not to run too often with Music but my interest has been rekindled of late, mostly as a result of looking more closely at several new sports & running watches which are introducing music playback as a new feature. [ 1,614 more word ]

Clever Training - Acquired by JackRabbit - the5krunner

Since its founding in 2002, Clever Training broadened its target market out from its original triathlon base to cover many other sports and pastimes. JackRabbit run about 60 US-based apparel/shoe stores To me, the match between JackRabbit and Clever Training looks complementary. The former specialising in sports apparel and sports shoes and the latter covering sports tech and other gear. Sounds like a merger than can leverage each other's similar customer base with each other's different product sets. [ 54 more words ]

Power Meter Pedals - Bike Rider's Guide to Garmin, Favero and PowerTap (not a review) - the5krunner

Power Meter Pedals are a sensible way forwards for most cyclists looking to get into the "training with power" game. The main caveat to a decision to buy power meter pedals is their COST. Let's assume you CAN afford a price tag of around £/$/Eu500 and upwards. This leaves the question "Which model to go for?". [ 3,411 more words ]

AsteroidOS 1.0 Released ... What ?!? - the5krunner

Latest news from asteroidos.org is that their WearOS replacement is good-to-go. This is probably of zero interest to endurance athletes right now. However interesting things might come from it. I'll keep this one short a do a few bullet points AsteroidOS covers basic 'smart' functionality when linked only to an Android smartphone It's highly customisable, has a SDK and is built on standard Linux technologies… [ 124 more words ]

WHOOP has new pricing model - the5krunner

WHOOP have recently changed the pricing model of the WHOOP Strap 2.0. In an interesting move, WHOOP have changed away from a one-off purchase price of $500 to a monthly subscription of $30/month (minimum 6 month committment). Additional bands and apparel are still available for purchase on their site...but not the band. The mathematically minded amongst you will notice that if WHOOP can retain a subscriber for more than 18 months then they may well have a more profitable model than before with a nice longterm revenue stream which would probably also add a good degree of predictability to the company's ongoing cashflow. [ 123 more words ]

20% Off At Power Meter City (USA, Powerpod, Watteam + Pioneer deal) - the5krunner

For a limited time, purchase The Pioneer Ultegra R8000 or DA 9100 Dual-Sided Power Meter or the Pioneer Dual Leg Upgrade Kit and receive a FREE Pioneer SGX-CA500 Cycle Computer ($299.99 value). From today until May 23rd (or until stocks last), all Velocomp PowerPods and WATTEAM Powerbeats will be 20% off. Reviews below if you need to read them. [ 39 more words ]

Night of the 10k PBs, 19 May. NW3 2JP @ukrunchat #ukrunchat - the5krunner

Want to see someone run 10k in under 28 minutes? This could be it. The sort-of annual "Night of the 10k PBs' There are lots of top-level European guys competing. It is a genuinely unusual and fun evening eg last year the racers ran through some sort of covered tunnel. anyway. Slightly qacky. But high quality runners with a good media presence. [ 61 more words ]

Amazfit STRATOS Review - now live - the5krunner

The Amazfit STRATOS Review has now left 'supporter-only' restrictions and is now available to all readers to read. Enjoy And I've just posted up some great 15% Garmin discounts on current ranges (EU/UK)

MASSIVE 15% Garmin Discount - UK, EU - the5krunner

15% rebate of most things Garmin. Checkout Code: PM24_Voucher_Garmin15 Where: PM24 (Europe incl UK) Restrictions: This will NOT work in the USA. This DOES apply to all Gamrin products stocked. The only problem I am aware of is with Vector 3 and 3S where there are 'issues'. Using the code also helps suport this site.

Spot The Difference - the5krunner

I've been wearing my brake pads down more rapidly than I expected on my S3. Maybe I'm a bit scaredy-cat going downhill? (I'm not); maybe there's been a lot of wet and fine grit? (maybe...); or just maybe it's a soft compound? The pads are also not quite aligned properly and are a bit too high and are about to rub onto the tyre under braking. [ 236 more words ]

My bike tyre - not my tri tyre - the5krunner

Having demonstrated the repercussions of being blasé about a 'C' race and getting several punctures at the Tour de Yorkshire Sportive, today was the day to get proper tyres on the bike. I've previously given my opinion on the best bike tyre for triathlon but my opinion for a good all-rounder for the summer that will also behave sensibly over longer rides would be the Continental Grand Prix GP4000S II. [ 187 more words ]

Tour de Yorkshire - mini disasters and lots of fun - the5krunner

I have just returned home after family visits and the long course at the Tour de Yorkshire. The course is 80ish miles (129km and over 2km of vertical) taking in the varied and beautiful Yorkshire countryside on, what was, a perfect-to-slightly hot and windless day. Results: Here at there seems to be some people with times allocated to the wrong distance. [ 1,005 more word ]

XERT wins best EDGE CIQ app - the5krunner

XERT wins best CIQ app for EDGE devices at the Garmin CIQ Summit. Source: Garmin This one is DEFINITELY worth a download despite being released way back in July 2017 (Source: the5krunner.com, download HERE ...it's free). It continually raises its estiamte of your FTP on-the-fly as your cycling hits giddy new heights. Although it's great on the Edge it will also work on your Garmin tri watch.

On my wrist this month - the5krunner

I set my target for last month a little too high. The Fitbit Versa just took up WAY too much time because of various issues with connectivity and syncing. and that significantly curtailed my efforts elsewhere. Which is a bit silly on my part as it's a mass market watch and I suspect that most of you are athletes who would never even think about the Versa in a million years. [ 1,005 more word ]

Amazfit STRATOS Review - Triathlon Watch with Music - the5krunner

In this detailed Amazfit STRATOS Review we take a long, hard look at Amazfit's latest, well-priced sports watch. Sometimes we can see ourselves justifying the high premium we pay for Garmin sports watches because of the vast number of features they have onboard. It takes something like the STRATOS to come along and make us think more deeply. The STRATOS has… [ 7,132 more words ]

Amazfit STRATOS - Bluetooth Sensor Pairing Quirks - the5krunner

The Amazfit STRATOS 'budget' triathlon watch has some quirks. A little bit like your slightly politically incorrect, but otherwise charming, uncle. These quirks manifest themselves in a few places but the 2 that most deserve a mention are as follows Pairing a Bluetooth sensor Triathlon Mode Pairing the bluetooth sensors caught me out for a while. Well; I say 'sensors', I mean bluetooth smart heart rate monitors and bluetooth headphones. [ 297 more words ]

SunGod Classics Review - Custom CLASSICS2 sunglasses @we_are_sungod - the5krunner

In this SunGod Classics Review we take a detailed look at the classic design that made SunGod great. SunGod Classics Review - Custom CLASSICS2 SUNGOD are now onto their fourth model of custom-designed sunglasses. But here we go back in time with this review to the sunny days of 2015 and the introduction of the CUSTOM CLASSICS². Almost certainly these were an improvement over the original CUSTOM CLASSICS v1 - … [ 1,245 more word ]

Some races for 2018 - the5krunner

I'm planning a couple of 'raids' this year.I think they're called that. I've now managed, I think, to squeeze the Alps in as well as the Pyrenees. In the case of the Alps it was more that I sneakily influenced a family holiday to be near the Alps..."Wouldn't it be nice to do some hill walking in the Alps over the Summer? [ 1,161 more word ]

Sheringham parkrun - the5krunner

Sheringham parkrun is run around the stunning grounds of Sheringham Park, a National Trust property in Norfolk. Usually, parking is available for parkrunners for free until 10.30am at the visitor’s centre, near the start line. However, the car park was not in use on the day we ran, due to muddy conditions, but the parkrun team had arranged for the use of the neighbouring Woodlands leisure centre car park for free and had signposted the walk from there through the forest to the start line – about a 10 minute walk. [ 394 more words ]

*NEW* Garmin Vivoactive 3 MUSIC (Vivoactive 3M) - Opinion, not a review - the5krunner

Garmin are about to release a variant of the Vivoactive 3, this time adding Music. This is not surprising and I haven't yet seen all the details. So here is some rather limited speculation and if you want to read more about Garmin's implementation of MUSIC then read the Forerunner 654 Music review shown below. What Music Will go on the Vivoactive 3 Music? [ 812 more words ]

Fitbit Versa Review - Looks like Apple Watch ... but isn't - the5krunner

Fitbit Versa Review In this Fitbit Versa Review we take a detailed look at Fitbit's new Apple Watch lookalike. The Fitbit Versa is a lower-cost version of the Ionic from 2017 and it's probably prettier than the Ionic in most people's eyes. I like the Versa. Unfortunately I am going to have to use the word 'BUT' quite a few times.... [ 5,309 more words ]

May 2018: Sports Watch Update: 'All' new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models. Replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Fitbit...more - the5krunner

V2.001 - 1 May 2018 The Suunto 3 Fitness, Fitbit Versa and Garmin Edge 130 are announced and available, with the Garmin Edge 520plus being imminent. Heads-Up People: May 2018 could be a mini-watershed month. I'm half-expecting 3 (three) new Garmin models this month. We could finally see the Forerunner 245, maybe a Forerunner 245 Music and, maybe. a Forerunner 745XT. [ 2,615 more words ]

7 Unforgettable Locations For Long-Distance Running - the5krunner

Long-distance running is rewarding for many reasons. Not least, it helps promote a healthy mind and body. But often routine can dilute our enthusiasm. That means trying alternative routes to fuel the passion. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can get in the car (but in most cases you’ll need a PLANE) to sample some of these incredible routes around the world. [ 676 more words ]

Brueton parkrun - the5krunner

This week we’re off to the West Midlands town of Solihull - more specifically, to Brueton Park. There is a small car park (Malvern Car Park) at Brueton Park itself, but spaces are limited so you’d need to get there early. The other alternative, as mentioned on the course page, is the car park at Solihull Sixth Form College. This is at the opposite end of the park to Malvern Car Park, but still only a 5-minute walk from the start line. [ 296 more words ]

Coventry parkrun - the5krunner

A two-lap course around War Memorial Park in Coventry, West Midlands. The postcode provided (CV3 6PT) got us to the Kenilworth Road but not directly to the large, free Park-and-Ride car park next to War Memorial Park, but the car park was well signposted and easy to find nonetheless. The walk to the start line is probably between five and ten minutes but the War Memorial, which is where the start line is, can be spotted from the car park because it’s quite large, so you won’t have trouble finding the start. [ 342 more words ]

Hove Promenade parkrun - the5krunner

A completely flat run along the seafront at Hove, East Sussex. The postcode provided (BN3 2FR) is actually for the café near the start line, but the SatNav will get you as close as possible and then it’s easy to find parking on one of the streets nearby – though this may be a different story in the summer time. On-street parking is free until 9am, so we just paid to park from 9am to 10am and it cost £1.00 plus £0.10 admin fee (Jan 2018). [ 397 more words ]

Eastville parkrun - the5krunner

Eastville parkrun is a 10-minute drive from Bristol city centre. Car parking is available in the nearby Tesco (post code BS5 6XB) and it’s around a 10-minute walk from there to the start line - go through the underpass and up the hill of the park. There is a toilet block near the start line but they have been closed down for some time, although parkrun is keen to get them re-opened, so hopefully that will happen in the future. [ 299 more words ]

Puma To release multiple sports watches on Wear OS - the5krunner

Another footwear and clothing giant steps further into the breach. This time it is Puma tying up with Fossil Group in a move that is similar to adidas+Ionic and Nike+Apple. Devices will be Puma branded. Fossil have generally steered away from sporty devices so far so a tie up with Puma is a sensible move. It's a sensible partnership for Puma too as Fossil are well-established, are selling well and have generally good global distribution. [ 122 more words ]


New Polar V650 Firmware refresh - the5krunner

The Polar V650 seems to have had a similar refresh to the M460 from last year. Despite rumours from earlier in the month and various listings of a Polar V650N model; it seems that it's just the firmware that's been updated. The firmware updates seem broadly in line with what was added to the M450/M460. It seems sensible and justified to keep it as the V650 from what I can tell. [ 190 more words ]


Some New Snippets - Mini-rants, moans, some cheery stuff. And Prison - the5krunner

I'm still playing with the Versa. Dictionary definition of 'playing': waiting for sync. I think their server was down a day ago Playing with the 645 has been fun. I'm listening to a lot more music than I have for several years. Mostly it's music from 'several years' ago. There should be an ELEMNT firmware update out any time now. [ 402 more words ]


935 sale, Edge 130 PRE-ORDERS, Stages close out, powerpod sale - the5krunner

Here are some early season special deals and sales if you would like to support this site and grab yourself a great deal in the process. Edge 130 and 520plus PRE-ORDERS The new Edge 520 plus IS superior to the old 520, offering CIQ3 support and mapping enhancements. The compact Edge 130 IS an interesting beast offering low-cost power meter support, GALILEO support… [ 105 more words ]


Assioma - New V2 Firmware For Super Accuracy - the5krunner

Favero have made public their new IAV Power system. This is an entirely new calculation algorithm for Favero and it bases power calculation on Instantaneous Angular Velocity (IAV). Favero believe they are the only power meter pedal company currently able to deliver this calculation because of their pre-exiting, inbuilt, high-precision gyroscope. So What? It's a big deal. Favero claim that IAV increases their accuracy to +/-1 % which matches the claimed accuracy of Garmin's Vector 3 (only v3). [ 360 more words ]


New Garmin Forerunner 235L Announced - YEP *NEW* - the5krunner

'Cat', 'Pigeons' ... throw one amongst the other and we have something interesting on our hands. Garmin have just announced a new regional (Chinese) variation of the aging 235. It's the Garmin Forerunner 235 Lite or 235L. Source: Jiaqi Yao - Thank You Strikingly the ELEVATE sensor is updated to the new version; the price goes down by $100, or so; and some elements of functionality are taken out such as bike mode, CONNECT IQ (!) and recovery time. [ 166 more words ]


Garmin 745XT - Will it have Galileo? - the5krunner

The Garmin Forerunner 745XT is due for 2018. Of course it could be 2019. Here is the evidence and speculation Product life cycle - The 735XT was announced in May 2016. There is usually a 2 to 3 year product life cycle. There is a Garmin registration on the FCC for Garmin part number A03405, which is a round watch format. [ 402 more words ]


CIQ 3.) - Garmin Connect IQ 3.0 Announced - the5krunner

One of the CIQ Summit headlines is showcasing of some new CIQ2.4 apps like Yelp, Trailforks, GU and MySwimPro. Broadly speaking, CIQ covers apps and additional functionality for: health and fitness wearables, cycling computers and also hand-held devices.There have been about 54million CIQ downloads which means that DWMAP accounts for about 1% of the total; bringing mapping to devices that don't have maps!!! [ 418 more words ]


Garmin Edge 130, Edge 520 plus, Edge 520 Comparison, Detailed Specs - Not a review - the5krunner

Garmin are on a roll. With Garmin's 2018 cycling products you can take that headline literally as well as metaphorically. At the end of this post are the headline specs of all 3 devices - the old Garmin Edge 520, the new Edge 520 plus and the new Garmin Edge 130. The headline specs are sourced from garmin and simplified slightly for presentation. [ 980 more words ]


Win a pair of #SunGod Sunglasses Competition - the5krunner

A couple of clicks and you could win a pair of SunGod sunglasses, either the Classics, Renegades or PaceBreakers models. I reviewed the PaceBreakers from a sporty perspective (link to: SunGod PaceBreakers Review) and should be looking at the Classic model soon. COMPETITION: Enter HERE Entry is free. I don't get anything if you enter SunGod's competition. If you later go on to buy one of the products then SunGod help support this site. [ 32 more words ]


Newtown parkrun - the5krunner

Newtown parkrun Newtown parkrun is based in east Wales, close to the border with England. There’s an enormous car park at the start, so no need to get there early if you’re driving. There are also public toilets which were open before and after the run. Parking is via pay-and-display and we paid £1.30 for two hours (March 2018). The start line is at the corner of the car park so you won’t have any trouble finding it and, as the parkrun is just on the edge of Newtown town centre, it’s only a short walk to the shops and cafes. [ 290 more words ]


New Shimano Stuff - 105 and Ultegra RX - the5krunner

I found this one in my in-try which I thought was interesting. Shimano have spiced up the latest 105 offering Along with a mid-compact 52-36T crankset (adds to existing 50-34T & 53-39T) here are some more options: disk (BR-R7070 calipers, ST-R7020/25) levers) or rim brake options hydraulic dual control levers (ST-R7020) 11 speed rear cassettes eg 11-30 (CS-R7000) the long cage rear derailleur (RD-R7000-GS) can accommodate up to an 11-34T cassette Same aesthetic as Ultegra chain stabilizing rear deraileur for Ultegra RX - RD-RX800/RX805 Availability June 2018, Source: shimano.com


Stretford parkrun - the5krunner

Stretford parkrun Manchester-based Stretford parkrun begins and ends in Longford Park Stadium and comprises one lap of the track, two clockwise laps of Longford Park and one further lap of the track to finish. The stadium was really easy to find (use postcode M21 9TA) and the car park was free. The car park was large enough for around 100 cars, but come early if you definitely want to park there because runners are asked not to park in the surrounding residential roads and Stretford is a very popular parkrun. [ 217 more words ]


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