Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride - Going Long - I'm In - the5krunner

I recently signed up for the Maserati Tour de Yorkshire Ride on Sunday 6th May as a prelude to things longer and higher later in the year. I procrastinated for some time. It's only £50, though, which I thought was quite reasonable and then realised that it must be the 'going rate' as it's £58 for Pru Ride London. The big difference being that all of your mates won't get into the Pru Ride London whereas there are still places for TdY. [ 209 more words ]

AURA - Hydration & Axtivity Band [Kickstarter] - the5krunner

I've mentioned the AURA Band a few times in passing so here is a little bit more information to whet your appetite. It's currently a Kickstarter project (£13k raised vs £71k target as of 18/2/18) and has a nice focus on providing some key insights to certain types of people interested in a slightly deeper level of general fitness. Perhaps it's not so targeted at 'athletes' (whatever that means) but the inclusion of a HYDRATION sensor might tempt some people in the athlete market segment, if hydration 'works'. [ 212 more words ]

Gadgets I'm Using Right Now - the5krunner

Here are most of the gadgets I've been using for me over the last month or so. I'm not sure they are my 'favourite' ones per se but I'm using them 'properly' for meaningful training stuff rather than just trying to break them or seeing if the GPS is accurate or not. There is nothing too new on the list but I'm hoping the new products will start flowing very soon. [ 635 more words ]

March parkrun - the5krunner

March parkrun in based near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire and takes in four clockwise laps of West End Park. The provided postcode (PE15 9LT) takes you directly to the car park and parking was easy as there was a second car park if the first was full. The leisure centre/library car park was free, but I don’t know about the second one. [ 268 more words ]

Fitbit acquite TWINE Healthcare - the5krunner

Fitbit have just announced that they are acquiring TWINE Health with the deal likely closing in Q1. It confirms one of the ways forwards for Fitbit will be targetting corporate users. So this in itself is NOT a move towards more medical-grade devices from Fitbit. But it makes sense if they can leverage Twine's existing customer base and algorithms. If you become General Motors regional provider of these kinds of solutions then that's a whole lot of… [ 54 more words ]

#parkrun : Sunday Challenge #ukrunchat - the5krunner

It's Sunday. It must be parkrun challenge day, surely? There are lots of parkrun challenges you can do. Some of them pretty tough, some of them extremely life-consuming Obviously there are the 50/100/250 T-shirts Then there is LON-done - every London parkrun Then there is the duathlon parkrun solstice - where you run as many complete parkruns in one day cycling between them. [ 179 more words ]

STRYD Live - firmware upgradeable - the5krunner

The new STRYD Live is firmware upgradeable to the power version of STRYD. I guess there's not too much more you can say than that. I would presume that the cost for the firmware upgrade would be more than the current $100 difference between STRYD and STRYD Live. I would guess in the short term there would not be too many takers for the upgrade but, maybe, as running with power grows it is a nice insurance policy to have in your bag. [ 329 more words ]

Opinion: New STRYD Live Pricing - and a bit on Zwift - the5krunner

The release of a power-free STRYD, called STRYD Live (effectively STRYD Light) intentionally coincided with the announcement from Zwift that their running platform is open for free access throughout 2018. OPINION: STRYD Live. The Zwift Run announcement leads nicely into the $100 STRYD Live footpod. DCR says the price should be $50. Maybe he is right for the price that people will pay to use a footpod for Zwift Run at a GYM and maybe he is right for the medium-term view as to where prices will end up if and when there is more competition. [ 851 more words ]

BSX Insight - The Final Word - the5krunner

I guess it could have been worse. Below is probably the final email from BSX. It is GOOD that they have kept the servers going for a year and great that the code is released to the public to work on. Yes 'end of life' is a fact of life for products and all of us. But perhaps 2 years is shorter than we all expect. [ 599 more words ]

Garmin Running Power - Improve with STRYD Live/Light - the5krunner

For those of you looking to improve the stability of the watts in your Garmin Running Power numbers then the new STRYD Light (STRYD Live) could be a sensible way forwards for a half the cost of the full STRYD solution. This particular approach might be useful if you have already built up some history of power data using Garmin Running Power and want to continue to work on the same FTP and power zones. [ 532 more words ]

STRYD Live - the **NEW Running Pod** Version - the5krunner

STRYD Live is the new, lower cost version of STRYD. It's very similar to the existing STRYD footpod but without the power metric. It has been released specifically to coincide with the announcement for the 2018 free access to Zwift Run. Background STRYD is a foot-worn running pod that works with many Sports Watches using BLE or ANT+. It is generally recognised as an accurate running pod. [ 619 more words ]

Top 55 Long Distance Hiking Trails | USA - the5krunner

The list of Top 55 hiking trails is reproduced in part, and with permission, below. I've included just the ones that are multi-state trails some of which meet the 'epic' criterion. I'd encourage you, if this is your thing, to have a look at the full list here (link to: where the trails are organised by region rather than a list of 1 to 55 with 1 being the best. [ 2,206 more words ]

New Zwift Run - Free Stuff - the5krunner

Anyone can now run for free on Zwift. You should be able to run for free until the end of this year when a subscription service will be introduced. Zwift (bike) has certainly changed cycling for the better. On occasion, I have actually looked forward to my shed-based bike training. Maybe Zwift Run will do the same for treadmill running? I'm not so sure what the levels of penetration are for treadmills in homes in the UK, certainly there are LOTS of them in gyms all across the country so maybe this will become more of a gym-feature than a home-feature? [ 359 more words ]

Col d'Aubisque - Upgrade Kit - the5krunner

How's that for a climb? Not too bad I think. #Excitement To support my elevational efforts later in 2018, the upgrade kit arrived today. The turbo-boosting, leg-spinning, granny rings of lactic fire are here and nearly ready for action. It seems very strange though, I have to admit. I seem to be turning my sweet-looking road bike into a mountain bike in all but name. [ 511 more words ]

TomTom Consumer Sales Plummet - the5krunner

TomTom's Q4.2017 revenues were down 40% on the same quarter from the previous year. Indeed the full year showed 2017 down 27% on 2016 Q4 sales were still Eu91m though. Source: TomTom

IronCloud T1 : Iron on the Outside? Valencell on the Inside? The New Fenix Wannabe? - the5krunner

Hmmm. Maybe not IRON on the outside but the IronCloud T1 Fenix-wannabee has the Valencell BW1.2 prebuilt wrist heart rate sensor module on the inside. Anyway, the point to make here is that Valencell have confirmed it is a real product that exists at least to some degree and uses their sensor. Although if you head on over to the fcc… [ 413 more words ]

Future of Olympic Triathlon - the5krunner

The great thing about the Olympic Triathlon for the English-speaking countries is that we seem to win medals. As an Olympic event, the chance of a medal and the opportunity of getting to watch it for free are high. Well, at least that's true if you are in the country at the time. Which I was for London 2012. The Viewing Public… [ 1,134 more word ]

2018: Cycling/Running/Triathlon ‘Watches’: New Models, Current Models and expected replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Epson, etc - the5krunner

V1.79 - 01 February 2018 I'm afraid the February updates offers little new after the fallout from CES2018 which wasn't that amazing. Don't get me wrong. 2018 is still going to be interesting. In terms of the official info released so far that interest will be from some of the new guys on the Block - Amazfit, COROS, Epson… [ 1,355 more word ]

Garmin Running Power - Updated - the5krunner

Garmin's Running Power app today just crossed over the 8000 downloads. That's a lot of people running with power. Downloads have more than doubled from 3445 on 18th December. But that's still behind STRYD (>10,000) despite Christmas and despite Garmin Running Power being free. I'm not so sure of the quality of the power data behind the app, but the app… [ 215 more words ]

Challenge STRAVA - New Feature ette and free race illness cover with PREMIUM - the5krunner

As part of berating some of the media yesterday around the STRAVA heatmap military furore I had to upgrade my account to PREMIUM to see the heat maps. For some reason I had let it expire. Tut tut. So today I then had to go and activate my free insurance perk that comes with STRAVA. So long as you are recording your activity on STRAVA (does that mean on your Garmin for uploading later?) then your Garmin and a taxi ride home could well be covered. [ 108 more words ]

Media Idiocy around STRAVA Heatmap - the5krunner

OK. I'm just about to fall in the trap of calling lots of other people 'idiots; and then go and do precisely the same thing myself. I'll add my poor attempt a defence against idiocy later. The story goes that the likes of STRAVA, Suunto, Fitbit and others, who have HEATMAPs of user activity as part of their online sports data platforms, are responsible for showing the locations of (well-known) military bases all over the world. [ 485 more words ]

Running Shoes & New Foams - the5krunner

Feb 2018: Nike will release another super-fast running shoe foam I'm getting slightly fed up with walking past my local sports shoe store and seeing some of the window-sized ads for running shoes. It seems that every year there are new running shoe technologies that will guarantee to make me 10% faster. With the continued shoe innovation of each of the last few years, my calculations show that my 5k time should now be down to somewhere around 10 and a half minutes. [ 634 more words ]

Garmin 935 - Thoughts on Firmware 7.60 - the5krunner

I have to admit that last week's firmware update for the Forerunner 935 somewhat slipped me by. Sure it installed but I imagined that it was just some bug fix for a few peripheral features. But it wasn't. OK fixes were in there too but we also got some interesting featurettes Firstly the rather enigmatic "Added remote display support for the Estimated Total Distance data field… [ 359 more words ]

Ironman to be floated ? (IPO) - the5krunner

The Dalian Wanda Group owns Ironman (acq. 2015) and other diverse global interests, including property. It's a huge, privately owned company, and successful with it, despite Wanda revenues falling last year by 10%. The company has large global ambitions but those MAY have been tempered by 2017's government 'crackdown' on foreign investment. Which may, in turn, have led to a… [ 94 more words ]

Otillo - Is it too hard? - the5krunner

This year on September 30th there is the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series 1000 Lakes in Sweden. How cool does this look? Or scary, I suppose, depending on how good a swimmer you are. Despite not especially liking cycling in the rain I don't mind getting wet when I run and I've even got to the point where I look forward to splashing about in a wetsuit in a lake every summer. [ 423 more words ]

Optical Heart Rate - A Chat With Valencell - the5krunner

I had an interesting chat recently with Valencell. There are no revelations as such but it was good to hear some of the directions the company and the wider market are heading down. In no particular order here are some of the things we discussed: Valencell estimated that optical HR sensors for sport are probably sold in the ratio of something like 80:20 for wrist locations vs. [ 837 more words ]

Loving Shimano's Di2 - the5krunner

I finally managed a decent ride with the new bike yesterday. The main purpose was just to see how well, or not, it rode; as well as sneak in a few easy sprints. However with a couple of mates in tow it turned into an hour of 'off-plan' fun and we came back significantly more tired than had we kept with our original intentions. [ 468 more words ]

5k parkrun - BPTT vs. RPTT, Bushy vs. Richmond and Wimbledon - the5krunner

Someone recently asked me what was the best Parkrun to start on with their 5ks in South West London. The answer of course is that "it depends". Bushy Park in Teddington was the first parkrun. It is fairly flat and sheltered from wind to a degree. It is one circuit of a 5k course with almost 2k of grass sections. The grass bits are normally fairly OK in winter and rock hard in summer. [ 731 more words ]

Garmin Fenix 5 - Poor Connectivity and GPS Accuracy - the5krunner

I was looking at the new beta firmware for the Fenix 5 and noticed two very highly viewed threads on the forum. Those are some serious levels of interest: >50,000 views of ANT+ connectivity issues and >107,000 people further interested in GPS accuracy. I would hope that Garmin have realised by now that people are really concerned about the accuracy of key aspects of their devices - heart rate, position, altitude. [ 135 more words ]

Garmin 935 - Future Changes - 935plus or 945 ? - the5krunner

We like the Garmin Forerunner 935 and, with its hefty price tag, ALL of us should like it. Sure, it's not perfect. Maybe it's more perfect than most or less imperfect than most...depending on how you see it. Either way it would be foolish to deny that the Garmin 935 is a REALLY GOOD TRI Watch. I use mine most days. [ 731 more words ]

Run/Tri-Bike - The single most useful piece of kit is ..... ? - the5krunner

In order to comply with race rules and avoid being arrested, your most important piece of kit will be something which also protects your modesty. Let's ask, instead, ask a more interesting questions along the lines of "what is the single most piece of useful kit?" but in gadget terms. It doesn't have to be electronic but to make the potential debate interesting it has to be a bit more than 'a bike' or 'a pair of training shoes'. [ 441 more words ]

Fast & Fun weekend - the5krunner

I still haven't managed to have a meaningful ride on my 2018 bike. But I have spent several minutes gazing longingly at it hanging on one of my shed's walls. I put on the ASSIOMAs and took some photos on Friday and then put them back onto my TT bike straight afterwards. Yes Sunday was the dreaded FTP test day. [ 577 more words ]

Garmin 920XT - What was wrong with it anyway? - the5krunner

Whilst the Garmin Forerunner 910XT was the first proper triathlon watch, it was soon replaced by the originally named Garmin Forerunner 920XT. I think it's fair to say that we see relatively large numbers of the 920XT sill adorning various triathlete's wrists, much less so with the 910XT. Then Garmin went and made a new tri watch, the Forerunner 935. [ 249 more words ]

Fenix 5 Plus - Confirmed Antennae Modification by Garmin - the5krunner

Garmin have requested the approval of a change made to at least some of the Fenix 5 range with this request to the FCC for a 'permissive' change (Source: via R Black) A Class II Permissive Change is requested for this product because the 2.4 GHz antenna was redesigned to provide higher EIRP for Bluetooth and ANT+ transmissions. This product also transmits WiFi at 2.4 GHz using the same antenna, and the… [ 124 more words ]

Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR WHR Outdoor | Opinion - the5krunner

In the recent Suunto SPARTAN Trainer review we looked at the first 5, 'dressy' variants. Suunto has reverted back to its outdoor heritage with 3 new OUTDOOR variants on the SPARTAN TRAINER. The SPARTAN Trainer is a great entry-level triathlon watch. Does this new OUTDOORs version do the same for al you adventurous types? This is NOT a review and you should look back to… [ 825 more words ]

Suunto Spartan - New Feature Release - the5krunner

Today's new SPARTAN firmware release is a combination of 'meh' and 'oooh'. There are some general stability improvements and better connectivity. Some people experience issues when first connecting to the HR belts...that is addressed. So that's definitely bug-fixed mehness. Then the firmware also introduces HR Zones on to the watch. This is no huge secret to me as some of the dummy units I had of the SPARTAN TRAINER last year had HR Zone screens as mock-ups that didn't exist on the real watches. [ 453 more words ]

SiS Sales Up - That's a whole lot of sugar - the5krunner

SiS must have cornered the market for sugar futures with 2017 sales at £15.6m, up 28% from £12.2m in 2016. Other highlights: International business up 60% (£4.4m) SiS claim record levels of brand awareness 58% increase in online direct sales via (£4.6m) Other 3rd party online sales up 27% (£3.9m) Retail sales and distribution up 13.8% (£7.1m) Taken alone that doesn't really indicate anything other than a company that seems to be doing well if they have their costs under control. [ 43 more words ]

Triathlon Watch Technology 2018 : Trouble Ahead? - the5krunner

Is the Triathlon Watch Status Quo about to change? There are going to be some significant changes this year with several new products already announced. Excitement! The party ain't over yet. This post is more 'informational', the Amazon ads and other links are included so you can research the more unusual newer/better products. Background From Daniela Ryf and Brownlee to your mate round the corner, lots of people are doing triathlons to some degree of seriousness. [ 1,637 more word ]

Gadebridge parkrun - the5krunner

A Hertfordshire-based parkrun in Hemel Hempstead. There is a large, free car park at Gadebridge Park which is very easy to find, just off the A4146 Leighton Buzzard Road. We used ‘Gadebridge Park’ in our SatNav as the provided postcode (HP1 3AQ) wanted to take us to the High Street. There are plenty of parking spaces so no need to get there early. [ 440 more words ]

Lezyne Firmare Update - Notable, 2017 Devices - the5krunner

Lezyne have just announced an update for their Year10 (2017) devices. Basically , the ones i the picture above. If you have an earlier model like the plain Super GPS (as opposed to ENHANCED Super GPS) then the last firmware for you was in December 2016 - you can safely assume you won't be getting any new presents on your devices. [ 132 more words ]

Xiaomi Huami Amazfit Smartwatch Pace 2 (Stratos) - the5krunner

It looks pretty cool doesn't it? Similar in looks to the Garmin Forerunner 935. Perhaps that was intentional? Who knows? Actually a more important question might be "Who knows what this product(s) is actually called?". I've put all the name variants in the headline and could be wrong but here's my take I thought that Huami = Xiaomi. And that none of us Westerners can pronounce the Chinese (Cantonese, Gerald? [ 881 more words ]

Wahoo Tickr Fit Review | Best Optical Heart Rate Monitor? - the5krunner

In this Wahoo Tickr Fit Review we will take a look at the first arm-worn optical heart rate monitor from Wahoo Fitness. Wahoo generally provide good, innovative products that are compatible with a wide range of other sports products. Background Optical heart rate monitors located on your wrist, ie with a sports watch, are prone to potentially significant errors. It's hit-and-miss as to whether an optically-based watch will work with YOU. [ 1,835 more word ]

Fenix 5 PLUS - Wait? Jump with the F5? - the5krunner

The rumour mill strongly suggests that we are due for a hardware update to the Fenix 5 with a Fenix 5 PLUS series. Q: If you are thinking of buying an F5, should you buy NOW or wait for the PLUS version? Some Background The Fenix 5 series (5s, 5, 5s and 935) are functionally awesome, they even look great in most people's eyes, including mine. [ 676 more words ]

Boring, Boring, Boring. Review Data Comparison - the5krunner

I have to say I am getting VERY VERY bored while trying to pick fault with the accuracy of the WAHOO TICKR FIT optical armband A few weeks ago my opinion was that the Polar OH1 probably very, very slightly edged it in terms of accuracy over the Scosche Rhythm+. But now I can't find any way, so far, to say that the OH1 has that same slight advantage over the new TICKR FIT. [ 91 more words ]

2018: Cycling/Running/Triathlon ‘Watches’: New Models, Current Models and expected replacement dates. Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Epson, etc - the5krunner

V1.77 - 15 January 2018 2017 was a great year. Post CES in 2018 then the future looks interesting. The Suunto 3 was the big surprise at CES. Let's hope for (err expect) more. 2018 brings us hope for: a new WAHOO watch of some mysterious sort to rival Garmin; a new Polar tri watch (rumours of slipping dates); a new Garmin 245 (cut down 645); a new Garmin 745XT (maybe); a new Garmin Edge 630 or Edge 530; a new Garmin Fenix 5 plus; plus new XPLOVA bike computers above and beyond the already announced X5 EVO. [ 1,105 more word ]

Wahoo TICKR FIT Accuracy and a mystery watch - the5krunner

I've used the Wahoo TICKR-FIT optical HRM STRAP a few times but mostly for aerobic runs and really had nothing of any interest to report in terms of accuracy. All looks good so far. But today I decided to invent a test as I needed a more challenging run in any case. And this seemed as good as anything. Warmup… [ 170 more words ]

TEAM QUICK-STEP FLOORS plus PRO Handlebars - the5krunner

I came across the PRO brand whilst considering various other bits for my bike upgrade (details to follow) although didn't end up going with them in the end, instead resorting to a drill and an existing handlebar - coincidentally another brand but their PRO model. PRO's Vibe handlebars were of interest for a couple of reasons (mostly one): handlebars/stems designed with Shimano's Di2 integration facilitated. [ 58 more words ]

Verve Cycling InfoCrank: 25% OFF - the5krunner

Power Meters are somewhat of a Bitter-Sweet Symphony of awesome usefulness and generally big-ticket prices. To alleviate the latter there is a "25% off VERVE-InfoCranks" sale this weekend at Power Meter City (see how I did that link 😉 ). PMC will ship anywhere for free but from overseas you might still pay import duties. The InfoCrank is… [ 87 more words ]

STRAVA Spots Slackers - the5krunner

STRAVA's stats show that today, Friday 12th Jan, is the day when most people falter with their New Year's activity resolutions. So encourage your nearest and dearest not to let it least for today

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